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Bayford Volkswagen would like to thank all Frontline Workers for their efforts during Covid-19 crisis.

We would also like to offer you a 20% discount off any Volkswagen scheduled service plus complimentary 12 months roadside assist*. We ask any Frontline Workers to identify themselves when booking in their vehicle with appropriate identification. (Example name badge, business card, email)

Medical and Healthcare Services, Food, Transportation, Public Safety, Maintenance industries all apply.

Take advantage of our 60 Minute Service Xpress. Your Volkswagen Scheduled Service in just 60 minutes, at no extra cost to you.

*Not valid with any other offer or discount. Offer available until 30/09/2020. 20% discount only applies to scheduled Services. Bayford Volkswagen can modify or withdraw the offer at any time. Frontline Workers to identify themselves when servicing their vehicle with appropriate identification. (Example name badge, business card, email). In order to be eligible for roadside assistance, your vehicle must be a roadworthy well-maintained vehicle and have had the appropriate Volkswagen scheduled service carried out by a participating Volkswagen Authorised Servicing Dealer. If your vehicle is not a roadworthy well-maintained vehicle, we may still arrange a roadside assistance provider to service your callout but we will inform you of the cost that will be charged to provide you with assistance. This cost will be your responsibility. Vehicles that are more than 9 years old from the original new car warranty start date, are not eligible.

Service Special from $199*

If your vehicle is 5 years and older.

For a limited time, Bayford Volkswagen Camberwell is offering an exceptional Service Special from just $199* plus a free safety inspection to ensure that your vehicle is safe for you and your family.

Let our expert Registered Volkswagen Technicians take care of your vehicle, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe during this time of uncertainty.

Whats included in the Service Special?

✔ New genuine Volkswagen oil filter
✔ Up to 4.5 litres of quality synthetic oil^
✔ Check fluid levels
✔ Check windscreen wipers and washers
✔ Check under bonnet components inc belts and hoses
✔ Check front and rear brakes
✔ Check tyres and correct tyre pressures
✔ Check front and rear suspension components
✔ Inspect exhaust and under body components
✔ Check all interior and exterior lights
✔ Road test and report
✔ Electronic system scan
✔ Battery load test

Free Safety Inspection.
For a limited time only.

Plus, if your vehicle requires any additional repairs, you will receive $100 off+ the additional work required.

Hurry, this offer is valid for a limited time only and bookings will fill quickly. Click here to book your service or call 1300 277 333.

60 Minute Service Xpress

  • Volkswagen Scheduled Service in just 60 minutes, at no extra cost to you
  • Dedicated and trained multi-manned technician team
  • Optional Wash and Vacuum
  • Customer lounge including complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi
  • Call 1300 277 333 for more information or to make your Service Xpress booking
  • Terms and conditions apply

Volkswagen. At your service.

When you buy a Volkswagen, we don't just watch you drive off into the distance. We stay right beside you. Our dedicated After Sales support is geared to keep you and your Volkswagen safe on the road and running like new.

Every vehicle needs to be regularly serviced. It’s the definition of ‘regular’ that differs between us and others. Where other car manufacturers require a bi-annual service, our vehicles only need servicing once a year thanks to uncompromising quality and engineering.

Why Volkswagen Service is the best choice?

By servicing your Volkswagen with us each year, you’ll extend its life, save money in the long run and also improve its overall performance, because servicing is the best form of preventative maintenance.


Safety first. Always. We know that your family's safety is your number one priority. When you're on the road you want to feel confident that your car is as safe as the day you bought it. With our factory trained technicians, and specialised diagnostic equipment, we offer you a peace of mind unlike a third party ever could.

Customer Care

We care about your car. You may use it to get you to work, or catch up with family and friends, maybe you even use it to escape the rat race. Whatever you use your car for, we understand that it's an important part of your life. At Volkswagen Service we treat every car like it's our own. Because, in a way it is.

Volkswagen Parts

Keep your Volkswagen 100% Volkswagen. Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are manufactured precisely for each Volkswagen model. Non genuine parts may compromise your Volkswagen's performance, reliability and safety. Ensure your Volkswagen receives Volkswagen Genuine Parts® by servicing at a Volkswagen dealership.


We built your Volkswagen.

Every new Volkswagen is loaded with our latest technology, and because they’re our creations, we know how to service them the best. Our expert technicians know your vehicle inside out, so who better to look after it than us?

When should I service my Volkswagen?

Time or distance travelled.

Scheduled services should be performed based on either time or distance travelled, whichever comes first. Below are some examples:

Your Volkswagen’s first service interval is at 12 months or 15,000km. After 12 months you and your Volkswagen have only travelled 9,000km. This means your Volkswagen needs to be serviced at the 12 month interval.

Your Volkswagen’s first service interval is at 12 months or 15,000km. 7 months has passed and you and your Volkswagen have travelled 15,000km. This means your Volkswagen needs to be serviced based on distance as you have reached the kilometre interval for your first service.

Why should I service my Volkswagen on time?

Pleased as punctuality

Following your Volkswagen’s service schedule helps ensure that major components of your vehicle are working right. It also makes sure that oils and fluids are replaced on time to keep your Volkswagen working as it should. Getting behind on your servicing schedule can lead to numerous problems down the road:

  • Minor repairs developing into potentially larger, more expensive repairs.
  • Safety issues, e.g. braking systems not working correctly.
  • A reduction in fuel efficiency.
  • Potential to jeopardise your vehicle’s warranty.

Scheduling a service for your Volkswagen is essential to get the most from your vehicle. We know you’d rather be out driving, so we’ve made booking in a service easy with our Online Booking Form below.

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